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Posted on October 22, 2010


Currently, I am reading Fashion Victim: Our Love-Hate Relationship with Dressing, Shopping, and the Cost of Style by journalist Michelle Lee, and even though I’m only half-way through the first chapter, I am already thoroughly impressed.

She asserts quite a bold statement in the book: that a “fashion victim” isn’t just the woman who tries to rock the baby tee, mini skirt, and platform boots, but that it is also the woman who is bathed from chic head, to chic toe with the newest designer (and ostentatiously expensive) labels. Actually, Lee claims that any one of us humans out there who have ever sucked it in to buy the pants that are too small, or have charged a handbag (even though we have six others) just because it says “Gucci” on the front.

At first I was taken aback by her bold claims and defensive that *I* was not a fashion victim. *I* would never buy something just because it wore a designer label. Buuut, then I looked at my Coach cell phone cover (which is broken now, by the way…I cried a little) and realized that I was just as guilty as everyone else.

Sure, I’ve watched enough Sex and the City and award show red carpet specials to know what is “fashionable” and what is not, and anyone who has ever met me would know that I wouldn’t ever drop a large chunk of change of something like clothing or shoes, but even though “fashion” doesn’t soley dictate what I do have…it does make me focus on what I don’t have, and THAT is how Lee says fashion “victimizes” us all.

I would check the book out if I were you. The writing is excellent…and the shoes on the cover are adorable.

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