Things I learned from the Louisville CMN/CMA conference…

Posted on November 1, 2010


Now that I’m back to the real world where not everyone carries either a camera or a notepad and pen everywhere they go, I’ve been reflecting on my experience at the beautiful Galt House in Louisville and the CMN/CMA conference. I had an absolute blast, and learned so much. Here’s what I learned:

1) Few things are more invigorating than being in a room full of people who are nerdy about the same things you are nerdy about.

2) I love my fellow T&C-ers more than words.

3) Chicken Salad can be hilarious and educational.

4) Louisville is a beautiful city. But some corners smell like sewage.

5) We can learn a thing or two from the media in Harry Potter.

6) Even communications professors can have bad grammar. And it makes a room full of journalism majors cringe.

7) It’s ok to be human and a journalist. Sometimes having compassion for the circumstance of a subject makes your article all the better.

8 ) Chewing chocolate covered mealworms induces funny faces.

9) Even when you have a terrible cold, your day can be made better by a nice man who hands out free tickets to a comedy show.

10) There’s about ten different ways to say Louisville (Luhval, Looeyville, Luisville…), but there’s only one way to know that you’re on the right career path. Thank you College Media Network, for affirming my decision that journalism is what I want to do with my life. I had a great time this weekend.

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