Well, fancy that: 2011

Posted on January 28, 2011


Thanks to my good friend Hannah Ullom (@HannahUllom), I recently came across JWT Intelligence’s Thing to Watch in 2011. It’s a nifty little interactive slideshow (that you can view below in fullscreen if you’re like me–too lazy to find your glasses– and can’t see the tiny type on the slideshow from the link).

     Out of 100 “watchable things,” I must say that some appalled me and others made me fist pump and say “Woot!” Here’s a few examples:

     14. Breaking the Book– Let’s pretend that the horrifying picture of a torn up book isn’t on the page and focus on the obvious: the idea of selling individual “e-chapters” and a “niche between magazine articles and books” sounds promising for maybe students, or the rapidly growing population with short attention spans, but the fact of the matter is that this is just a gateway drug to doing away with physical books altogether and that can’t happen.
     The idea of my children reading only from a computer screen freaks me out. First of all, it’s bad for the eyes and secondly, there’s just something special about flipping the pages of a dusty old book. I am Team Dusty Old Book. I’m going to put it on my resume next to Team Buckeyes and Team Leggings are NOT Pants.

     16. Buy One, Give One Away– Wouldn’t the world be a better place if even more companies like TOMS Shoes adopted this idea? I am the proud owner of a grey pair of TOMS. And because of me, somewhere, so is a child in need.

     32. Entrepreneurial Journalism– I think I can speak for all of us journalism majors out there who have accepted the fact that we will never make enough money to pay off our students loans– WOOT!

     94. Tube-free toilet paper– When I read this, I was dumbfounded. WHY isn’t this already a thing!? It has literally never occured to me to remove the cardboard rolls from toilet paper if possible because in this world of “going green” I assumed they could just be recycled. However, if you think about it, more often than not, we usually just throw it away in the bathroom trash. Genius. I approve. 

     Finally: 98. Virtual mirrors– A camera overlays products and makeup over a customer’s image, allowing him or her to try out many different styles. I guess just trying something on and looking at your reflection is sooo 2010?

     I encourage you to check out JWT’s full list. If the new year really does mean even half of the list is sure to come, I say “bring it 2011!”

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