One man’s disgrace is another man’s Hamburger University

Posted on January 31, 2011


Nelson Ching / Bloomberg

If you have yet to read an article like this one in TIME about China’s new Hamburger Universities, I suggest you look it up, because if you’re like me, you’ll gain a little perspective.

     You see, according to these articles, less people are accepted into HamU’s than are accepted into Harvard. Har-vard. And people are practically dying to be one of those few! Which brings me to my point: You may sneer at the forty-year-old, who hands you your Big Mac and large fry as you pass through the drive-thru in your Beemer, but at least he or she is working. At least he or she is collecting a paycheck so that the bills are paid. What is so wrong with that? How does that make him or her a joke? It doesn’t. Just ask China. With 26 percent of their college graduates currently unemployed, Mc-ee-Dees is practically the Ivy League.

     Oh, and I’d check that hamburger of yours if I were you. You were no doubt too busy barking orders on your Blackberry after you barked your order at the drive-thru attendant that you missed him or her spitting in your food. Mmm.

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