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Posted on February 2, 2011


     I’m not going to lie, I frequently run out of inspiration. So, when this happens, I turn to some of the blogs that I follow for a little help. I like to follow a wide variety of blogs that way my posts don’t become redundant. Here are three of my favorite:

1. Away with Words by Olivia Tejeda:
     The ultimate word nerd’s destination in the blogosphere (at least that I have found). This former journalist-turned-writer (did someone say life aspiration?), hasn’t just built a following– she’s built a community.
     Frustrated by writer’s block? Check into the Silent Writer’s Collective on Tuesday nights for prompts and discussion. Looking for something inspirational with your morning coffee? Look up the week’s Monday Motivator to get ya going. Tejeda’s got different themes for different days which shows that she. is. committed. And if you get all geeked up about wordy discussions like I do, you should commit yourself to her blog.

2.’s “How-To’s”
     According to The Poynter Institute’s mission statement, they exist to “ensure that Americans have access to excellent journalism.” They’re the real deal. And they’re “How-To” category offers real deal tips and discussion topics about the journalism world of today.
     And the keyword here is “today.” Poynter is going with the flow and offering posts such as “How journalism educators can integrate more multimedia into their teaching.” This blog is on my RSS feed. I check it. Often.

3. Enchantment Under the Sea by Andrew Tobias
     I’m fairly new to this media and culture related blog, but what I’ve seen so far is A-OK to me. Written by former Otterbein T&C-er and current Delaware Gazette reporter Andrew Tobias and cohort Stephen G., this blog covers everything that I secretly obssess about when I’m not trying to be a super-serious journalist: POP CULTURE.
     Yeah, that’s right, I watch E! News and read Entertainment Weekly before I go to sleep. What’s it to ya? I have to know what movies are out and what star wore what to whatever event. However, Enchantment features reviews and columns about some of the stuff that flies under the big media radar. This recent music list has been keeping me entertained. I do believe my good friend and fellow music enthusiast Mike Cirelli would appreciate these guys. They have opinions worth listening to.
     Editor’s Note: Stephen G. is also an Otterbein alum and former T&C-er!

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