Make time, write more.

Posted on February 9, 2011


I am a victim of the New Year’s Resolution. 

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 I want write more. I even took on the (rather ambitious) daily post challenge. I didn’t think it would be difficult. I’m not lying when I say that all I think about is writing: writing for the Tan & Cardinal, writing for this blog, writing for scholarship essays and etc. Well, when I say all that I think about it writing, I mean that when I’m not thinking about my philosophy midterm, or whether or not I’m going to be able to fit in an hour at the gym today, or “how long can I let my car make that terrible noise before I take it into the shop?”
     Life really just gets in the way.
     Which is why I was absolutely delighted to see this blog post pop up in my RSS feed through WordPress’s Post A Day Challenge (@postaday). The blog is entitled “Live to Write– Write to Live” and features a compilation of writers who do both of those things.
     Jamie Wallace (@suddenlyjamie) is the writer of the particular post I enjoyed entitled “A confession and 7 steps to better writing habits.” Here is what she suggests:
          1. Find, make or steal writing time.
          2. Have a purpose.
          3. Avoid the “shoulds.”
          4. Start small
          5. Be consistent.
          6. Measure progress.
          7. Find your joy——- I particularly liked this one because it is essentially the same as one of my favorite phrases by modern day philosopher Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss.”
Check out the full post for some elaboration on these seven tips!

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