Well, fancy that: RockMelt

Posted on February 20, 2011


Sounds like a new a geological discovery right? Nope, it’s cooler.

Courtesy of RockMelt.com

RockMelt (@rockmelt) is a new web browser that, as its creators so majestically put it, is “re-imagining your online experience.”

With RockMelt’s sidebar, or “edge” apps, you can instanly receive Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS and many more updates without actually being on the sites. Also, your Facebook chat list is always available, so you can chat while surfing the web.
YouTube can also be viewed within RockMelt, and so can your WordPress blog (I’m actually posting from the WordPress Google Chrome extension right now within RockMelt!).
I’m still trying to figure everything out about the browser, but here are my highlights and lowlights:


  • Real-time updates from favorite social networking sites.
  • Easy webpage sharing and status sharing to said sites.
  • Instant search bar powered by Google.
  • Can import browser preferences from your previous browser like Internet Explorer.
  • Just plain looks good.


  • Missing some toolbar capabilities (no “Refresh” button).
  • Configuring some of the apps is touchy.
  • (This one is just annoying to me) Cannot use Norton Antivirus settings with the browser.
  • Usable version is just a beta version for now.
  • (I actually don’t consider this a lowlight, but some people may) Currently “invite only” use. You must be invited through Facebook, or other messaging my a friend who already uses RockMelt. I doubt this will last long, though. Afterall, Facebook abandoned that philosophy and I like to think they know what they are doing.

Ask around. Check it out.

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