Taking the plunge as Editor-in-Chief

Posted on March 31, 2011


*Breathe* Here we go…

photo courtesy of scx.hu

     It is Week 1 of Spring Quarter, which means I am officially beginning my run as Editor-in-Chief of the Tan & Cardinal.
     Already our little weekly has run into some speed bumps, including a photo contest that didn’t quite meet expectations (although we are more than grateful for those few who submitted their Spring Break photos!!) and the time-honored tradition of journalism: missed deadlines.
     Few things are more stressful to me than watching the hours and minutes tick away while you wait for a story that never comes– only to have it come in at 250 words and without any quotes…this is where deep breathing and quick action comes in.
     Thank goodness for a diligent and enthusiastic staff. I don’t know what I would do without them and I am so excited to lead them for these next 26 weeks.
     And I am also excited for the new way we are going to try to run our practicuum. Now stories are going to be due the night that the event/story happens, which is more like the real world and will hopefully cut down on missed deadlines. All in all, if I can keep my sanity (school, work, interning at the Delaware Gazette ), I might actually enjoy this quarter.
     We’ll see…is it summer yet?

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