Our first National Day of Silence issue

Posted on April 12, 2011


This week with the T&C we are publishing our first ever GLBTQ-centered issue because the National Day of Silence 2011 is this Friday and Otterbein’s Day of Silence in on our Thursday publication date.

Now, Otterbein has a very active GLBTQ community, so the backlash from such a statement doesn’t necessarily worry us (although I am prepared for any multitude of letters to the editor that may appear). What worries me personally, is the risk of sounding too PR-y for one particular cause.

In October we did a pink issue for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and although it was one of the most creative issues we’ve ever done, it was on the verge of PR. Part of me says that this Day of Silence concept is clearly supporting one campus organization, but another part of me says, no, it is supporting a cause for awareness. We will have a small editorial about why we chose to pursue this path, a news story related to our office of diversity and a profile on FreeZone, our campus GLBTQ organization, who are doing activities all week and hosting a symposium on Thursday where students can speak out about being bullied, harassed, or shutdown because of their sexual orientation.

And of course, our cover will relay the overall theme of the whole issue and our photo and graphics editor, Kristen Sapp (@kristensapp), is pretty much amazing so the cover will be gorgeous and bold and striking.

As you can see, though, I am trying to jazz myself up for this week, which I know sounds like I don’t want to do this issue, but that’s not correct at all I think doing something like this is important. We even channelled other schools for ideas by sorting through the issues that we picked up at our Louisville Conference. I just don’t know yet how to truly balance campus coverage. Does anyone have suggestions?

On a side note: We are getting Chipotle for dinner this week, so that may just make all this stress worth it!

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