The advantages of a small college newspaper

Posted on April 21, 2011


It wouldn’t be a Tan & Cardinal production night without a few hiccups.

Who is that baseball player in the photo? Did you remember to get that girl’s major when you quoted her? That event was moved, right? What day is it now?

At bigger schools with bigger newspapers, this nit-picky info would be impossible to grab at the last minute, but at The Otterbein University, as Dan Steinberg (@dansteinberg) calls it, we can text our friend, who has a roommate on the baseball team, or we can call that girl without a major, because she has been in a couple of our classes and someone just happens to have her number.

Sure, being this precise could be why we’re in the lab until the sun rises again, writing and rewriting, designing and redesigning, but ultimately we put out a great product– who cares if it only goes out to about 1,000 people? At least we know the majority of those people among all the staff members.

And expanding on that, not only does our paper get to be something special to us, but we get to be something special to our department. I bet at your school you don’t have your professor’s cell phone numbers, or find out about internship opportunities before they’re even posted.

So here’s my littlle shout-out to my little college and my little newspaper family. We had a couple of clutch moments this evening and the save after save just made me smile.

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