“We have not begun to explore new definitions of news.”

Posted on April 25, 2011


The title quote comes from Jeff Jarvis on Buzz Machine.

AEJMC tweeted the post from which this quote was printed earlier today and I have to say, Jarvis’s hard, pessimistic view on the slow death of print journalism broke my heart, but was refreshing. Check out his “reality checks for newspapers:”


  • Circulation will continue to decline. There can be no doubt.
  • Cutting costs will reduce product quality and value, which will further reduce circulation. A vicious, unstoppable cycle.
  • Falling circulation will continue to reduce ad revenue.
  • Low-cost competitors and abundance will continue to reduce the price of advertising.
  • Local retail will continue to consolidate, further reducing ad revenue. Blame Amazon.
  • Classified categories—real estate, auto, jobs, merchandise—will continue to become more self-sufficient. They will need market mediators less and less.
  • There’s a cliff coming: the end of a critical-mass of circulation needed to maintain inserts. That will have a big impact on newspapers’ P&Ls and will take away a primary justification for still printing and distributing paper.
  •  Once fixed costs are sliced to the bone, they will rise again. Cutting alone does not a business strategy make.”

I don’t want to spoil the whole post, but I thought these were worth sharing. I love the feel of a newspaper, but it’s rational criticism like this that snaps me into the real world and helps me look at the broader picture of communications, so that I can explore other job opportunities that allow me to do the writing that I love with a little stability.

Oh, and speaking of job opportunities: I landed a paid summer internship at the Ohio Society of CPAs! I’ll be doing a lot of writing, which is a good thing, I promise and I think this will be a great opportunity for me to expand my boundaries and learn to be in a real work environment.

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