What I learned from the Memorial Golf Tournament

Posted on May 31, 2011


At the press conference with Jack Nicklaus, the tournament and course's founder.

What do you do when it’s Tuesday at 4 p.m. and your source for a full-pager that’s being published on Wednesday says, “Hey, sorry can’t help ya anymore?”

Do you A) Scream and cry?
Do you B) Implode and go completely comatose?
Do you C) Roll with it?

Well the answer is a little bit of A, then B for a couple of minutes, the C after some deep breathing and some antacids. This experience is something I deal with weekly at the Tan & Cardinal and according to Tom Sprouse, the Media Relations guy for the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, OH, this is the most valuable lesson he has learned in his job as well.

“Having to roll with it” he said is the hardest thing about his job and it is the hardest thing about mine as well. Sometimes, I am afraid I will end up with ulcers, but this is life and with enough practice, I’ll be able to “roll with it” without even flinching. Thanks for talking to us today Tom and letting us tour the Memorial Golf Tournament (@MemorialGolf)!

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