The slacking stops here…at MSCNE11

Posted on July 25, 2011


I know. Believe me, I know.

So, let’s not talk about it, OK?

In my defense, I work all day, every day. But, it’s good work! PR work, in fact! For The Ohio Society of CPAs as their public relations intern. I write about math allll day and hopefully, by the end of this summer I’ll be able to say I know how to send mass releases AND how to properly utilize my employer’s benefit programs to help me save for retirement.

Here are some things that I have learned at OSCPA:
1. When you’re writing for an association you absolutely, 100 percent have. an. angle.
2. Soda for 25 cents might even be better than free soda (because you think you’re getting such a deal!)
3. Google Docs is one of the most nifty forms of communication there is.

However, somehow between daylighting as a PR intern and moonlighting as Westerville’s greatest barista (Heavenly Cup Espresso, check it out ya’ll), I have managed to find time to head to Georgia for the week-long Management Seminar for College News Editors 2011. Here I am, in Athens right next to the University, getting ready to embark on some intensive seminars and learning opportunities that will hopefully help me make the T&C a better paper. It’s only day one and I’ve already accomplished some list items:
1. Drink sweet tea. In Georgia. CHECK.
2. Make friends. Can you say “Super lucky my roommate @michenator is awesome?”
3. Start a #MSCNE11 hashtag on Twitter. Keep checking it out. Today’s theme: What’s your best journalism pick-up line?

Wish me luck down here! More to come!

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