Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Posted on September 14, 2011


Good morning.


The title of this post has two meanings. One being, of course, that I have failed to keep this blog updated weekly, but am hoping that my new burst of journalistic spirit will keep me generating fresh posts for your reading pleasure from now on.

Speaking of journalistic spirit, my staff and I have it. Maybe it was that much needed summer break. Maybe it’s our fancy new computers. Maybe it’s our new co-advisor, Mike Wagner, the special projects reporter for the Columbus Dispatch. Maybe it was that life-changing MSCNE conference that got my proverbial butt in gear, which in turn geared up the butts of my staff. Whatever the cause may be, we’re back in the news room, and we’re excited about our paper again.

And it is certainly showing. We’ve turned out the best 2 papers of our short little careers these past two weeks and this week’s paper, which should be arriving from the printer any minute now actually, is a pretty good one too if I do say so myself, although our audience has yet to give us a real interpretation.

AND, the best part in my opinion is that our production nights have not drifted into the wee hours of the morning where sleeplessness and delusion begins to set in. In fact, last night we finished at 11:30 p.m.– let me reiterate– 11:30 p.m.!!

Holy good night’s sleep Batman!

Eh, who am I kidding, I was so wired and so confused with all of my extra free time that I still stayed up listening to the Watch the Throne album until 2 a.m. Check it out, it’s my new writing music:

These next few posts will be about the past several weeks and will be churned out in quick succession to get myself up-to-date. Can’t wait to share our paper with the internet world again. And once again, sorry for being so lame.

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