Week 2: The 9/11 tribute issue

Posted on October 13, 2011


We didn’t mean for it to to turn out the way it did. I guess it was a good accident.

Front cover: Westerville's 9/11 Memorial

I think it just started with the memorial that Westerville was holding and this picture from our lovely photog Kristen Sapp (@kristenasapp). Suddenly there was a story about the anniversary in each section. Some sections more than one story. Check out my story.

This left me with a dilemma, though. My trusty voice of reason Hannah Ullom (@HannahUllom) showed me an article that she read earlier in the day about the fine line between remembering 9/11 in the media and exploiting it. However, I honestly think what we did was tasteful. We didn’t ask people to buy ads with messages. We didn’t put anything graphic in the paper for shock value. We set a tone, I think, and a somber one, but not too somber. We ended up wanting people to remember, but not cry. It’s therapeutic I think.

At least our editorial was for the staff.

This issue was probably the most “grown-up” issue we’ve ever produced together.

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