The one we were worried about

Posted on May 4, 2012


A natural follow-up to an article about FERPA-protected records is one completely about police disclosure– especially if you go to a private school and the law is hazy about whether or not private school police have to disclose anything.

I had a team of help on this one, requesting records, getting denied, receiving some, and doing the bulk of the writing. I appreciate their help because this is something I started a very long time ago, and the folder of documents was getting bigger, but no progress was being made. We haven’t heard any complaints within the administration so far. It makes me wonder, though, if no news is really good news. Click on the picture to read the story.

Thing I learned from this article:

  • Ohio law is gray in this area.
  • Private entities are considered a “functional equivalent” to public entities if they perform a governmental function.
  • Ohio law that allows private school to have police forces gives these polices forces that same powers as a sheriff or similar body of police.
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