Romney at Otterbein

Posted on May 7, 2012


Ohh, what a week.

It’s funny being on a small campus like Otterbein because one of the biggest complaints is that rumors fly like high school. But, with that being said, had these rumors not started flying, no one would have started asking questions about whether or not Mitt Romney was going to grace Otterbein’s campus with his perfect teeth and hair (sorry for the joke, but you have to admit, he’s handsome).

It started with a tweet. And then that tweet was replied to by one Kristen Sapp, photographer (@kristenasapp), with a breaking article from NBC4 that said with much assertion that Mitt was not only going to be on campus AT a specific time AT a specific place, but he’s also bringing Ohio governor Kasich along. Well, OK, then.

The school seemed rather bamboozled as well, to tell the truth, and I (@Otterbein360) tweeted some vague statements from our President and head of marketing that basically said, they had talked about it, but no one really has a plan yet.

The announcement to the school came the next morning, and frankly, all hell broke loose.

Story 1: Mitt Romney, John Kasich to speak to select group of students on campus tomorrow

It sounds straightforward enough but here’s the kicker: only to invited students. A lot of student interviews went into this series, because as you can imagine, most were a little fired up.  **Please note the 9 original tweets and 31 Facebook likes.**
This story was updated several times on the web to include new information about students who were then “uninvited” by the Romney camp for various reasons.

Story 2)  Service employee group to protest Romney visit

I was tipped off to this at around 10 p.m. Lesson learned: Do not hold this information, it makes for good news. This story had 10 original tweets in a matter of around 20 minutes, once Otterbein students began logging on to Twitter at the late hours of the night.

Story 3)  Battelle crawling with people for Romney visit

The day of, whilst being herded with some fellow student media folk through medal detectors and lines of professional journalists who were all hear to report Romney’s speech. This one was my favorite because I made the finishing touches while tweeting texted quotes from field reporters and sitting next to Steve Peoples, of the Associated Press. (!) And our photographer took this photo:

I’m in the blue!! Photo by Blythe Malone

My final story) Romney talks job creation plans to Otterbein attendees

Just a wrap-up, with help from Katie Taggart because I had to go to work (still a student with loans and rent.) I am disappointed that we couldn’t a) nail down an angle other than that of the national press and b) mimic the national press’s angle because of our work schedules.

Needless to say, it was an exciting day, and it got my journalist juices flowing. And apparently the adviser of The Daily Tarheel gave us kudos!

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