My Tan & Cardinal Senior Goodbye Column

Posted on November 14, 2012


It took three weeks to write, and of course I still wasn’t happy with it upon publication. But I did mean every word:

Senior goodbye column: Web Editor says thanks

This isn’t just a goodbye column to the T&C; it’s kind of goodbye to everyone who has affected me throughout college, because next semester, I won’t be around much, and this is my chance to say thank you. And it is sentimental, so if you don’t know me, you can probably skip to the next page.

The senior goodbye columns in the T&C are traditionally a place where the respective senior identifies what role he or she held in the T&C and at Otterbein, but I don’t know if I can do that for mine, because college has been one continuous evolution for me.

I started out as an English major. Then evolved to a journalism major with a public relations minor. And then I thought, what the heck, let’s just do both majors.

I started out as a quiet, size-16 freshman and ended up a confident, size-6 senior.

From a writer to a news editor to an editor-in-chief. From not knowing what Otterbein PRSSA is, to its president.

To say I have been fortunate would be an understatement, and as graduation approaches, I am more and more afraid that I haven’t said thank you enough to the people who deserve it. So, I’m going to do that now.

To those roommates that raise my blood pressure and my spirits: Rose, Lindsay, Lauren and especially you, my hetero life mate, Kaitlin.

Thank you for dealing with my sulky nights, my righteous rants, my lack of affection and my awkwardness.

We didn’t just live in a house during college, we lived in a home — and you are the reason for that.

To my T&C family: the most talented kids I know. What a cool thing we did in college, amirite?

Few other campus groups get to experience the bond that is formed from hours upon hours spent in a windowless lab, shifting boxes ever so slightly and arguing over pictures and paragraphs. You are a joy to be around and I am so proud of you all.

To my real family: Thank you for your undying support, even though I’m sure some of you still aren’t exactly sure what my career path is. (Hey, me neither.)

Thank you for allowing me to huddle on the couch at home in old pajama pants and feel like a 20-something for just a bit before I have to go back to school and put my grown-up pants back on.

To my army of mentors: Jess, Britany, Hannah, Dr. Warren and Swags. You are the people I never wanted to disappoint and who I would channel to help make big decisions.

Thank you for providing me with aspiration and direction to take on tasks bigger than myself.

And Denise, thank you for periodically checking on my mental health. I always appreciate it.

And finally, to the entire Communication Department, thank you for opening me up to a floodgate of opportunity and experiences. Whether that be traveling, awards and scholarships, or that foot in the door to first jobs, this department provides a great environment for students.

There are many others whom I could gush about ad nauseum, but of course we have limited space in the newspaper. Just know that I appreciate you more than you know — Kuhn for your ability to put me at ease, Mike Cirelli for being my brother while I am away from my brother, Josh for the same reason, the amazing PRSSA board for being so dedicated and all of the communication students, really, for making this time worthwhile.

Evan Matsumoto, Otterbein360 is a blast, so I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll see you all on Twitter.

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