This is what deciding to change your life looks like

Posted on March 15, 2013



I decided to make a blog post because after a routine doctor’s visit a week or so ago, they measured my height (shrunk half an inch. What?) and then had me step on the scale– and for the first time in 2.5 years I got to see in black and white that ever since I started my journey to get healthy after freshman year, I have lost 40 pounds.

It kind of made my head spin because I avoided the scale this whole time to avoid possible discouragement. I knew my clothes were getting smaller and my mantra became “16 to 6,” referring to sizes. But most of all, I was surprised at the number because fitness and health has become a natural lifestyle for me now, as opposed to something I had to try at, and I had forgotten what once was.

And I also decided to make a blog post because yes, that is what 40 pounds lost looks like. But it’s also not what many other things look like. For example:

1. This is what starting with one mile jogged, and after 2.5 years of steady running, training for a half marathon looks like.

2. This is NOT what starving myself or taking diet pills looks like. Although I will admit, I took cutting portion sizes to extremes at first, but I learned after several stalls and relapses throughout the years how to educate myself on proper portion sizes and nutritional intake.

3. This is NOT what cutting out my favorite foods entirely looks like. Except, I really do miss PopTarts and pre-packaged snack cakes.

4. This is actually what keeping a food journal and making sure I have fruit and something green at least once a day looks like. Yes, I said a food journal. Mine’s on my phone and is called My Fitness Pal. It’s very popular. I know it may sound extreme, but it’s simply habit forming and there is nothing like having to manually enter in your food intake each day to make you realize “Holy crap, I ate three Oreos after lunch and then went to Graeter’s after dinner….that was unnecessary.”

5. This is NOT what spending double on grocery bills because you’re buying only organic flax seed enriched products from Whole Foods looks like.

6. This is what learning to love cooking looks like. Because trying out new recipes each week and cooking for one means I not only know exactly what goes into my food, but I have food for a week and keep costs low.

7. This is what having more energy, a better complexion, and a more positive attitude looks like. I fully believe that I would not be where I currently am at my pre-professional career if I hadn’t bought that original gym membership to force myself to make a change. The important thing to remember is that I was that girl on the left for my whole life up to 2.5 years ago. Confidence is something that comes from within. You just have to go find it.