Social media analytics

Due to Otterbein360’s limited budget, analyzing the  social media presence to best provide our audience with the information they need could be difficult at times, but with a little creativity, I made it work.

For a one-month free trial, I used SproutSocial, and loved its scheduling features, and the fact that it did analytics for both Facebook and Twitter. The only downfall was thumbnail integration in Facebook posts (the wrong picture would show up, and it was the wrong thumbnail, or no thumbnail), but I am finding that glitch with all of the free software I am trying. If  we had the budget for the $40/month for SproutSocial, I would have stayed with it.

SproutSocial data for the Mitt Romney visit to campus













Now, I use a combination of Facebook insights, Buffer and Crowdbooster, to do all of the things SproutSocial accomplished.

Our biggest challenge is interaction on Facebook.










I like Buffer for two reasons: The Chrome extension that it comes with that makes posting super easy, and the fact that it connects with, which provides an extra layer of analytics and, of course, shortens URLs.










I use Crowdbooster to simply watch for changes in “Best Tweet” times of day. There is no sense in posting a story at 3 p.m., if no one is online at that time to read it.

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